Do you want the best Propulsion Motor for your boat?

Would you like to install the next motor in your boat and know that the first scheduled service is in 10 years?

Would you like to own the safest drive system, with the safest electrical system ever made for a recreational vessel?

Do you want unprecedented control over your boat so docking is simple, motor sailing is a breeze, and raw power is always at your fingertips?

Are you looking for the longest range possible?

then you have come to the right place.

because we have relentlessly pursued these goals for over 10 years

the result of which we present to you here.


Electroprop 2015 has arrived

Over the coming weeks you will be introduced to the finest energy systems ever made for a recreational vessel.

From 5 to 30 KW continuous, enough power for the vast majority of all the sailing vessels ever made.

Your transition to electric propulsion opens up a world in sailing not available before.    By being able to control, to the finest setting, all power levels, we are able to affect the sailing attributes of the boat.    Electricity turns a prop from a liability into an asset.  You will be sailing on the edge of  energy.  Its  fun, and its productive.   Electric powered vessels are faster than any other sailing vessel out there.    You just can’t beat the addition to electric power to your propeller.

Most other changes are only incremental.   Changing to an electric propeller is monumental.    Its a totally different world of sailing.   You tell the boat how fast to sail, and it figures it out for you.   No longer do you have to be at the mercy of the wind.   You can just power through with all the enjoyments of a steady sailing experience.

Ask any cruiser the advantages of motor sailing and they will enlighten you even further.    The best part of an electric sailboat is you get all the benefits of motor sailing…..without the diesel motor!    Its seamless.   Its quiet.   Its powerful.    Its wonderful.   Its enjoyable.    Everything you ever dreamed your propulsion system can be is here.


Our Fleet of Electroprop Conversions