The Electric Propeller Company builds a wide range of marine propulsion drives and energy systems.

Drives include controller, contactor, and complete wiring harness and are shipped in running condition.


Standard Systems includes the drive motor, gearbox, motor mounts, mounting system, cooling system, batteries, battery management system, battery chargers, AC distribution, DC distribution, shore-power and propeller (except Racer).

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Plus Systems include enhanced battery management and ground fault monitoring.

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Save Time and Money on your Installation

All systems can be customized per your requirements, much of which can be done at no extra charge.   Each one of our systems includes two or three sealed plastic boxes with clear front covers which house all the breakers and relays.   These boxes are mounted in strategic locations aboard the boat.   Each one of our systems includes a consultation, which is best performed over a video connection, to find the optimum place the batteries, chargers and sealed distribution boxes.   The customer then measures the distances between the various components and Electroprop cuts all wires to length.    The entire system is then built on our bench to perfectly fit into your boat.    All of the difficult work is done for you.    We have thoroughly researched and tested every component aboard the boat and integrated all the components into the entire system.    All of the wiring is done to code with the proper wire sizes and fuse sizes for years of safe operation.

Electroprop systems can be installed in a fraction of the time that it would take to find compatible components, research the correct procedures for wiring and fuse protection, cut all the wires, swage the connectors and add the shrinkwrap.

Each Electroprop comes with a flexible coupling insert that provides a method for measuring accurate alignment.    Each Electroprop comes with a flexible mounting system which we pre-configure before the drive system leaves our shop.    This makes the drive system very simple to install with the highest precision of alignment.

With typical installation rates of professionals between $50 and $100 per hour, Electroprop Systems can save you thousands of dollars or many hours of your time figuring everything out.    We also completely explain our systems so you understand your conversion.

Electroprop Systems are designed to have 10 years of maintenance free enjoyment.    Just think of the thousands of dollars you will save from having a maintenance free drive system.

Electroprop Systems are priced competitively direct from the factory.   We purchase most of our components in volume at good discounts which we pass on to you with a minimal margin.   It is highly unlikely that you would be able to purchase all of the components from the different suppliers for less that our prices, which include assembly of all the components in a custom package made to fit perfectly into your boat.

For the best Value in Marine Propulsion, choose Electroprop Drive and Energy Systems.



Electroprop Helical Drive systems are first in class for efficiency.   Helical Systems are recommended for conversions replacing diesels under 30 h.p.

The Mariner is a modular, open frame, low profile system for powering boats up to 10,000 lbs.    Mariners are compact and powerful machines that we have built for over 10 years.   The Mariner has a permanent magnet AC motor with helical gearbox.  We recommend the Mariner for sailing vessels up to 10,000 lbs.

The Sailor is built on the foundation of The Mariner.   The Sailor has a fan pulling air out from near the motor, and ducting for bringing cool air into the drive unit.  The Sailor has a permanent magnet AC motor with helical gearbox.   The Sailor is recommended for vessels up to 12,000 lbs.

The Islander  has two fans, one blowing cool air into the enclosure, and one expelling warm air out of the enclosure.  The controller, contactor and wiring harness are installed in a plug and play package.  The Islander has a permanent magnet AC motor coupled to a helical gearbox.   The Islander is recommended for sailing vessels up to 14,000 lbs.



Planetary Drive systems are smaller, lighter and more powerful and fit better into larger vessels or new sailboats.    Planetary drive systems have 3 different gear ratios:  3, 4 and 5:1.   Planetary drive systems are capable of running up to 6,000 rpm.   Electroprop Planetary Drive systems run at up to 4,500 rpm.   All Planetary Drive systems have wiring harness components mounted inside the DC distribution box.

The Racer is a very lightweight system for racers, and very compact system for boats with minimal space.   Racer drives can be used to replace a V-Drive or Hydraulic Drive.    The installer is responsible for mounting a fan or fans for providing cool air flow across the motor.  A transverse beam is required for installation of the Racer in an electric boat.   Racer Drive Systems are appropriate for vessels up to 17,000 lbs.

The Seafarer is an air cooled planetary drive system for sailboats up to 17,000 lbs.  The Seafarer casing includes two fans that both push and pull air through the drive enclosure.

The Cruiser is air and water cooled.   The Cruiser is both air and water cooled for high sustained loads found in a Cruising Sailboat.  The Cruiser utilizes permanent magnet AC motor technology with planetary gears.  The Cruiser is recommended for vessels up to 20,000 lbs.

The Voyager is both air and water cooled with planetary gears.  The Voyager is recommended for vessels up to 42,000 lbs.  Two of these drives could be utilized on a vessel larger than 42,000 lbs.



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