Simplicity, Functionality, Elegance….  all words that describe an Electric Powered Sailboat.

When a sailboat is converted to Electric Drive, it enables you and generations that follow you to function with minimal waste and maximum style.

Electroprop Drive Systems have a projected lifespan longer than 100 years, with first maintenance in 10 years.

Not only will you enjoy your Electroprop, but so will your children and your children’s children.    Electric Drives are the perfect way to leave a legacy of environmentally friendly energy for you and your family to enjoy.

The Electric Propeller Company believes in a future of clean energy.   Our customer base has enabled us to continue to develop a range of products from energy systems, distribution systems, battery systems and drive systems that are simple to use, easy to understand, easy to install and amazing to enjoy.

In recognition of the esteemed nature of our customers, and their devotion to electric drive technology, we are creating the ENABLE program to support customer conversions to renewable energy that share our devotion to this technology.   Please contact us on the Contact form for more information on this program.

We are now able to offer a complete line of electric drive solutions for Leisure Sailing Vessels up to 80,000 lbs in displacement.   Our Research and Development program, the largest of its kind for Electric Sailboat Conversions, is now focused on integrating with DC Diesel Gensets for Hybrid applications.

We now have 6 different lines of Electric Drive Systems for all sorts of people of the sea.

The Mariner covers everybody who wants to go to sea.   This is your least expensive drive option.   The Mariner is a modular system for the Do It Yourself Installer.    The mariner enables you to jump from diesel to the safety of electric on a minimal budget.   These are small and powerful machines that we have built for over 10 years to great fanfare.   Never underestimate the power of a Mariner.

The Racer is an ultra light-weight system for Racing Sailboats.   The main difference between the Racer and any other Electroprop Drive, is the transverse beam requirement.   Installing a beam, exactly 90 degrees to the propeller shaft, saves many pounds dedicated to installation and alignment.

What is super cool about the Racer is how light weight it is.    The drive unit itself is under 70 lbs for the 10 KW!      So when you want to win a race, and weight counts in your class, get Electroprop on Board.

The Sailor is built on the foundation of The Mariner.   What is nice about the Sailor is how plug and play it is.     The unit is so self contained and complete,  that all you have to do is connect the Sailor to the DC source and start operating straight away.

The Islander is powerful, and capable.   With up to 48 amps of DC current available for house loads, the Islander gets business done.

The Cruiser is powerful, lightweight and compact.   The Cruiser is both air and water cooled for high sustained loads found in a Cruising Sailboat.

The Voyager is the ultimate electric drive system ever built for a sailboat up to 40,000 lbs. displacement.


Additional Functionality of Electroprop Systems

Every Electroprop is capable of regen and can be used as a DC generator, be mounted on the back of a tractor three point hitch as a DC generator, can be used to power wells and irrigation pumps,  can be used to desalinate seawater, and can be used as a hydro generator.

With the addition of an inverter, every Electroprop Energy System can be used as a backup energy system for your house.

Electroprop technology gives you freedom and independence, and along with that comes complete reliability and stability for either your boat or your home.

Thank you for considering your energy future.



James Lambden

The Electric Propeller Company


Our Fleet of Electroprop Conversions