Quiet and Efficient Electric Propulsion

Electroprop Drivetrain systems for boats provide an enhanced sailing experience.   You can have more control over your boat in all conditions.   Whether it be docking or tacking, having power on demand is a very useful advantage of electric propulsion.    The Electroprop was designed by James Lambden, a lifelong sailor and marine electrician.      Every feature of the Electroprop has been refined to be stronger, quieter, safer, lighter  and maintenance free over time.  Efficiency has been built into these units from the ground up to give you the longest electric powered range possible.   We strive to be the best value in marine propulsion by eliminating operating costs and maintenance.   Once you have purchased your Electroprop you can count on years of trouble free service powering your boat around in clean, quiet comfort.

Electroprop provides support though-out the build process with access to a large database of technical information for you to draw upon.   Each Electroprop comes with an extensive installation manual, a copy of the book “The Electric Boat”

We will support you through the entire process of making an energy system for your boat including batteries, chargers, solar installations and DC distribution.   By bringing your boat up to a 48 volt standard you can use smaller wires and get many of your appliances working more efficiently to get the most out of your batteries.   We build completely integrated systems including pre-assembled kits of Lithium Batteries with BMS integrated with the motor controller.

Our Serial Hybrids are built with Cruisers in mind. We can decrease generator run-time to a fraction of what you are used to, with our efficient line of DC generators.

Whether you are building a new boat, re-powering an Atomic 4, or replacing a diesel, we have a solution for you that will forever change how you feel about sailing.

Clean, quiet and Efficient boating is important to everyone.  We are committed to bringing you the products that make it easy for you to upgrade and personalize your boat to the highest caliber.


Our Fleet of Electroprop Conversions