Electroprop Hybrid Drives and Energy Systems


Hybrid Drives

Electroprop Hybrid Drives

  • Hybrid Drives can be used as Propulsion Drives or as DC Generators
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Helical and Planetary Gear Reduction
  • 48, 72 and 96 volt Systems up to 30 KW Peak, 21 KW continuous
  • Cable control
  • Lightning Protection.
  • Waterproof Wiring Harness.
  • Air Ducting for Cabin Ventilation or Heating (Sailor, Seafarer, Voyager)
  • Water Cooling / Heat Recovery Options


Energy Systems

Electroprop H1-9200-DSH Hybrid Energy System

Electroprop Energy Systems are designed to compliment your Drive System.   Each Energy System is designed to be reliable, safe, and powerful.   Each component is water proof for long life and dependability.     Powerful, High Quality Components are used throughout each Electroprop Energy System.

Hybrid Energy Systems use Drives coupled to Diesel Motors for DC Generators.

Our Drives make great generators.   Consider the Sailor Hybrid Drive as a Generator head.    In less than a 20 inch cube, the Sailor produces 8.5 KW of power at 48 VDC.   The Voyager produces an 21 KW inside a 2 foot cube!     Everything is inside the enclosure: there are no extra controllers or components on the wall.    Just DC Energy coming from your Electroprop Hybrid Drive.

Every Electroprop Energy System has battery management.   The simplest battery management system is a 4 bank charger, as featured in our E-500.   All other Energy Systems include an Electroprop Energy Management System which monitors individual battery voltage and temperature and manages all loads and charging sources in a safe and efficient manner, for long and dependable battery life.

Combined Charging Sources range from 500 watts (E-500)  to 47 KW (Dual Voyager)

For Pure Lead Battery Banks from 5 KWH to 40 KWH


Electroprop Energy System Features:

  • Hybrid Drive Generators
  • Programmed for Lead Carbon Batteries
  • Safe and Efficient
  • Designed for Hybrid Use with fast charge and discharge rates
  • Prolongs the life of batteries by maintaining accurate charging voltages across the pack
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Safe Shorepower System with Fast, Efficient AC charging
  • Drive motors coupled to diesel motors make for very efficient DC Generators
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Hardwired Displays for the Cockpit
  • Wifi and Bluetooth Wireless Displays for Redundant Backup and Portability
  • Can be connected and monitored over the internet on an Android Phone or Tablet
  • Grounded or Floating DC systems with Insulation Monitors
  • Efficient Use of Space

Components are integrated for maximum functionality of the system.

Electroprop sells the Electric Equipment only.    Batteries and Diesel Engines for Generators are recommended to be purchased and warranteed locally.


Complete Systems

Choose a Drive System,

then add an Energy System,

and you have built

Your Electroprop

Sailor H1-9200-DSH



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