The investment you make in your batteries should yield years of trouble free electric boating.   Here’s how you can create value for your boat over time.   Batteries when looked after properly should last 8 to 10 years or more.    Kapowai’s batteries lasted 13 years before needing replacement.   For true value in your purchase, include equipment that keeps your batteries strong and long lasting.   Here’s how



Each Northstar Battery is time stamped at the factory with the date of manufacture.    Electroprop Batteries come from the same batch of batteries, are shipped and warehoused together.     Batteries grouped at time of manufacture require minimal balancing and perform much better together over time.



Employing a Battery Balancer is the next best way of keeping your batteries at rated capacity and lasting their full life potential.   Battery balancers shunt current from any battery to a neighboring battery.   This keeps all the batteries at the same voltage during the charge cycle.   If any two batteries differ widely in voltage, then charge enable and disable relays can be used to control 48 volt charging and discharging of the battery pack.    Battery balancers are a cost effective way of extending the battery life significantly.    Battery Balancers must be used in solar only applications to get the maximum out of your solar battery pack.



Voltmeters Monitor each individual 12 volt battery.   If the voltmeter detects a voltage of over 14.8 volts, then the charge enable relay shuts off the charger and can optionally turn on a 4 bank charger to balance the battery pack at up to 15 amps.



All Electroprop systems employ charge enable relays for any charging done on the 48 volt level.   If a battery error exists, the charge enable relay turns off the 48 volt charger.   This keeps the batteries from under or over charging which is much safer than unregulated 48 volt charging.   This applies to solar charging and any type of hybrid operation.   Battery management is absolutely necessary for a safe and lasting experience owning an electric boat.



Everyone that owns an electric boat wants their batteries to last as long as they possible can.    That can be 10 years or more instead of 4 or 5 years.    Preventing accidental deep discharges is one way to make sure that your batteries will last a long and productive life aboard your boat.    Each Plus Charging System is capable of running a discharge enable relay based on system capacity.



It just makes sense to look after your batteries.    Battery packs cost thousands of dollars.   When you look after your batteries, they look after you.

Electroprop’s charging systems last longer, and are more reliable, and make your life on the water safe, peaceful and enjoyable, all the time.