Imagine, Catalina 30 powered by Electroprop Mariner

My wife and I love our electric boat.  James was helpful and knowledgeable through every step from idea to implementation.  What a difference it makes in all aspects of our boat.  There are so many things the electric motor is, and many more it’s not.  It isn’t loud, shaking, dirty, or stinky.  It doesn’t require any warm-up, so we’re out on the water faster.  Everyone we’ve had out for a sail with us has come away talking about how great the system is.

The very first time we took her out after the system was complete, the wind died while we were still several miles from the harbor.  After about an hour, my wife said, “why don’t you start up the motor so we can get back before dark?”  She was surprised to find that we’d been motoring at three knots that entire time.  It’s completely changed the way we sail.  Now we just add a little bit of electric power as we sail, we call it “electric sailing.”  For just a hundred watts or so, we can add a knot to our sailing speed.  We can point higher, and stalls during light air tacks are a thing of the past.  The electric motor is so much more than just a replacement for the diesel.  It’s a complete change in mindset.

Josh and Juliana Massie
Santa Barbara, Ca








Imagine is powered by a 5 KW Electric Drive with Stainless Steel Drop Pan Mount, Permanent Magnet Dual Stator Motor, and Helical Gearbox