Pake powered by Electroprop Mariner

After 15 years of dealing with an old raw water cooled diesel that had just died, I had the good fortune to remedy the situation with an electric motor drive replacement from Propulsion Marine (now Electroprop) .    When I started, I knew very little about electric propulsion, batteries and controllers etc. I needed some expert guidance. I did know I wanted a powerful, robust, and dependable electric motor drive system . I wanted a modular system that could be easily installed, upgraded, and repaired if necessary. Above all, I wanted a simple proven system that I could trust. I believe I found everything I wanted. I am most thankful for the expertise, continued support and patience James Lamden of Propulsion Marine has given me thru-out the learning/installation process.

George Revilla
S/V pake’



5 KW Electroprop Mariner with Stainless Steel Drop Pan Mount, Permanent Magnet Dual Stator Motor, and Helical Gearbox: 

IMG_0167 - Version 3







Pake's Batteries

Lifeline 8D Battery Installation














pake stern