Summerwind,  Ericson 27 powered by Mariner 5 KW, 48 Volt

Greg and Janet Deering traded a custom, hand made banjo for Summerwind.   She is currently berthed in San Diego.   Greg did the majority of the conversion work, and finished the job with James.   This boat features the first of our adjustable drop pan mounts to accommodate for uneven engine beds.    Greg’s boat was also one of the first boats with our 250 amp Main Double Breaker.



Summerwind features a 5 KW Electric Drive for Greg and Janet Deering’s Ericson 27 Summerwind

  • First Fully Adjustable Drop Pan Mount System
  • Throttle Switch
  • 48 volt Double Pole Panel




Our First Fully Adjustable Mounting System was developed for Summerwind. The Engine beds were of different heights and different distances from the center line.



The drive system was fully modeled in Solid works and then custom built for Summerwind



Greg was very meticulous in laying out the boat for the conversion.    See this in his detail of his floorplan which shows where he mounted the batteries.



We used a large 12.5 x 15.5, 4 bladed propeller



We custom made this panel using our own breakers specially ordered to fit the Blue Sea 360 Panel System




Greg did an amazing job on the battery hold downs.   Note the Bender Ground Fault Monitor with display at top of picture



Excellent work on making the battery hold downs so the batteries don’t move. We used 4 Lifeline 200 amp hour AGM batteries for Greg and Janet’s conversion.





Greg has many C and C machines which he used to make custom attachments like this one for the 250 amp breaker for the motor





This 50 amp breaker is used to provide 48 volt power to the panel that provides power for the DC converters, throttle and other house loads.





This was the first Throttle Switch. Greg made the circular holder to fit into a previous instrument area on the bulkhead next to the companionway.




Summerwind getting ready for launch



Greg and Janet Deering