Wind is Free

Wind is Free, a 1974 Gulfstar 41 Ketch displacing 20,000 lbs.  powered by a 72 Volt Voyager

I purchased my 41 ft 1974 Gulfstar ketch nine years ago at a marina in Va on the Patomac river.We renamed her Windisfree and found her to be a comfortable cruiser. Although we`ve only gone on day sails and overnighters we plan to travel on longer voyages when I retire in the near future. Windisfree was powered by the original perkins 108 diesel which had seen better days. After seven years of problem after problem with the propulsion system I decided it was time for a change. Although a new diesel would be one way to go we would still have to tolerate the noise, smell and vibration that bothered my wife and I. It seems to be so adverse …


Solaris,  Pop 25,  Mariner 5 KW, 48 Volts

Solaris was converted to Electric Drive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.    The accompanying article is written in Portuguese and we are having it translated into English so check back soon!



Solaris Features a  5 KW Electric Drive with Helical Gear, Permanent Magnet Motor, with Stainless Steel Drop Pan Mount.



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Solaris – Náutica Set14…


Summerwind,  Ericson 27 powered by Mariner 5 KW, 48 Volt

Greg and Janet Deering traded a custom, hand made banjo for Summerwind.   She is currently berthed in San Diego.   Greg did the majority of the conversion work, and finished the job with James.   This boat features the first of our adjustable drop pan mounts to accommodate for uneven engine beds.    Greg’s boat was also one of the first boats with our 250 amp Main Double Breaker.



Summerwind features a 5 KW Electric Drive for Greg and Janet Deering’s Ericson 27 Summerwind

  • First Fully Adjustable Drop Pan Mount System
  • Throttle Switch
  • 48 volt Double Pole Panel



Our First Fully Adjustable Mounting System wa…


Chiquita, C & C 29, 5 KW, 48 Volt Electroprop Mariner

On board my beloved sailboat “Chiquita“, a C&C 29 Mk I, apart from one instance of dirty fuel, my Atomic 4 (A-4) gas engine when called upon had purred faithfully for 7 sailing seasons since its last overhaul.

Our beautifully warm inter coastal  salt waters on the Northumberland Strait separating New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on Canada’s Atlantic coast, have been my playground with this boat for over 17 years.

Countless numbers of friends, fellow sailors, locals and summer tourists have witnessed the  ‘yellow’ sailboat race and/or cruise each year over 800 miles up and down the coast entering and lea…


Vesper,  Serendipity 43,  powered by Electroprop Mariner

Vesper 1 was the first boat in our fleet powered exclusively by solar power.    Vesper was owned by Patrick Muran, who had the great idea of the drop pan mount which became our standard mounting platform for Electroprop drives.   The Serendipty 43 was designed as an IOR racer for the transpac.   This boat is a powerhouse under sail.   Every attempt was made to make her slippery so she was a natural for electric propulsion and easy to push with a minimal amount of energy.   Patrick’s requirement was to be able to navigate to and from his mooring in Port San Luis.

Vesper was the first completely energy independent vessel getting all of he…


Pake powered by Electroprop Mariner

After 15 years of dealing with an old raw water cooled diesel that had just died, I had the good fortune to remedy the situation with an electric motor drive replacement from Propulsion Marine (now Electroprop) .    When I started, I knew very little about electric propulsion, batteries and controllers etc. I needed some expert guidance. I did know I wanted a powerful, robust, and dependable electric motor drive system . I wanted a modular system that could be easily installed, upgraded, and repaired if necessary. Above all, I wanted a simple proven system that I could trust. I believe I found everything I wanted. I am most thankful for the expertise, continued support an…


Imagine, Catalina 30 powered by Electroprop Mariner

My wife and I love our electric boat.  James was helpful and knowledgeable through every step from idea to implementation.  What a difference it makes in all aspects of our boat.  There are so many things the electric motor is, and many more it’s not.  It isn’t loud, shaking, dirty, or stinky.  It doesn’t require any warm-up, so we’re out on the water faster.  Everyone we’ve had out for a sail with us has come away talking about how great the system is.

The very first time we took her out after the system was complete, the wind died while we were still several miles from the harbor.  After about an hour, my wife said, “…

The Toolboat

For ten years, the Toolboat has been providing tools and inventory for Above the Waterline, Ltd.,   a Shipwright service business located in the Santa Barbara harbor.

The Toolboat was converted to electric propulsion in 2007 when she became energy independent thanks to 180 watts of solar panels.

The Toolboat moves at around 3 knots and displaces 4,500 lbs.    She is 17 feet long and 6 feet wide and has a cathedral bottom for stability.   There are two Minn Kota pod motors, bow and stern, controlled by a wireless device not much larger than a key fob.    The Toolboat is the most manoevable vessel in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

It is an amazing sense of freedom that you get when your boat becomes energy inde…


Chloe Powered by Electroprop Mariner

Will repowered his boat with the help of his son Hunter



Hunter and his Dad




Taking Measurements




Confirming Measurements


Chloe is powered by a 5 KW Electric Drive with Stainless Steel Drop Pan Mount, Permanent Magnet Dual Stator Motor, and Helical Gearbox




Battery Shelving




The Helm




Hunter and his Electroprop


The Darriel

The Darriel a Shannon 38 Powered by a Custom 10 KW Electric Drive by Electroprop

In 1999, my wife and I bought a 1977 Shannon 38 ketch named “Apogee II.” We renamed her “The Darriel” and sailed her frequently on the Chesapeake Bay and subsequently in Louisiana and Florida. She is well built, designed for long ocean passages and she suited our needs and desires. The only downside, besides not having time to sail her often enough, was the auxiliary diesel engine.





Custom 10 KW Electric Drive with Transverse Beam and 21.6 KWH Lithium Battery Bank with 7 inch Color Monitor





The Darriel is a Shannon 38 displacing 18,000 lbs.


I am no mechanic, but over the past …