Build Your Drive System

in Two Easy Steps: 



Sailor:   The Workhorse.   A Permanent Magnet motor mounted on a Helical Gearbox.    12 KW Output with 7 KW Hybrid Operation.   Perfect for repowering sailboats from 24 to 34 feet in length, up to 14,000 lbs. displacement.    Slim Body Design.   136 lbs.   $7,000

Racer:   Lightweight and Compact with Controller Enclosure.    Up to 24 KW Max Output / 12 KW Hybrid.   Customer supplied ducting or water cooling.    57 lb Drive with 40 lb controller enclosure.   $7,550

Seafarer:   The Powerhouse.    A Permanent Magnet motor mounted on a Planetary Gearbox.    Up to 24 KW Max Output / 14.5 KW Hybrid operation.    Wide Body Design.     140 lbs.   $7,750

Cruiser:   Water Cooling with Heat Recovery for heating water and cabin heat.  Up to 24 KW Max Output / 12 KW Hybrid.   Increases operating efficiency by making use of the heat generated.  Valuable for a Cruising Sailboat.     145 lbs.   $8,800

Voyager:   Air and Water Cooling.   Optional Heat Recovery.    24 KW Max Output with 21 KW Hybrid Operation.   200 lbs.    $10,400


Notes on Selecting Your Drive System

Power Rating      We have noticed that around 1 KW per 2,000 lbs of displacement will move a Sailboat at around 6 knots in calm weather.     Choose the Hybrid Rating if you want to make that speed continuously.

Maximum Output of an Electroprop drive is determined by the current and voltage of the Energy System.    Electroprop Systems utilize 250 amp Double Pole Breakers and Fuses.

  • 48 volt system x 250 amps = 12 KW Maximum Output
  • 72 Volt System x 250 amps = 18 KW Maximum Output
  • 96 Volt System x 250 amps = 24 KW Maximum Output

Hybrid Output of an Electroprop Drive is determined by

  • Cooling System.    Air or Water or Both Air and Water.   Electroprop Systems Include High Output Fans and Water Cooling Options.
  • Maximum Delta Temperature.    Delta Temperature is the difference between the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the motor.    Electroprop systems feature ducting so cooler cabin air can be used to cool the electric motor.    This increases the Hybrid Rating of the Drive System.
  • Voltage.    The voltage of a system determines the maximum rpm of the motor.   Motor power is directly related to Motor RPM.   48 volt systems operate up to 2300 rpm, 72 volt systems operate up to 3450 rpm, 96 volt systems operate up to 4600 rpm.
  • Type of Gears:   Helical Gears have a 2,500 rpm Maximum.   Planetary Gears have a 6,500 rpm maximum.
  • Gear Ratio:   Helical Gears have a minimum ratio of 1.2:1.     Planetary Gears have a minimum of 3:1 ratio.



E-500      500 watt, 4 bank, Battery Charger.    Useful to return 50 amp hours to a battery under normal operation.   For Daysailors with a 5 mile operating range.    Maximum 100 amp hour batteries.   $500

E-1200     Includes Electroprop’s Energy Management System and a 48 volt, 25 amp Charger.     Perfect for boats with only one charging source and the Electroprop Propulsion Drive    Maximum 250 amp hour batteries.   $4,658

E-1200 D   E-1200 plus DC Distribution for up to 6 additional charging source or loads on the Propulsion Battery.   $5,909

E-1200 DS    E-1200D plus a Shorepower Connection which includes GFCI protected shorepower cord, main breaker, surge suppression, isolation transformer and AC distribution for multiple chargers or AC loads.   $9,615

E-1200 DSH    E-1200DS plus a House Inverter Charger, Inline RCBO Breaker, System Monitor with House and Propulsion Battery displayed.   $11,825  

Energy System Retail Pricing includes fabrication of the entire energy system according to measurements made by the customer.    This makes the installation very easy to accomplish as the system is shipped working in a box.


Installer Kit Pricing:  Installer Pricing includes the components and the installer cuts and installs each wire and component according to a wiring diagram.   Bulk wire can be included in the kit.

Special pricing is available for different levels of prefabrication.        Please Inquire about Installer Pricing.

Installer Qualifications:

  • ABYC Marine Electrical Technician
  • NMEA Marine Electronics Technician
  • Most Diesel Mechanics Qualify
  • Most Boatyards Qualify
  • All New Equipment Manufacturers

Discounts range from 5% to 21%, depending on volume of sales and qualifications.

We strive to make 1 in 10 sales, at a discount, to Worthy Causes, like Solar Sailing Clubs or other venues to promote Electric Sailing.