Electroprop’s Clean AC System Conditions and Protects incoming AC from Ground Faults,  Line Surges, Lightning Strikes,  Low Voltage and Power Outages, Electric Shock Drowning and Corrosion of Underwater Metals.



Power flows from the Dock Pedestal through the GFCI protected Shorepower Cord. 

GFCI protection of the Shorepower Cord is possible because of the use of the Isolation Transformer which has no leakage current at all.

The Isolation Transformer prevents nuisance tripping of GFCI and ELCI breakers mounted in the pedestal.

Power Flows from the GFCI protected Shorepower Cord to the Shorepower Inlet

Power flows from the Shorepower Inlet into the Main Breaker Enclosure


The Main Breaker Enclosure houses

  • ELCI (Equipment Leakage with Circuit Interruption) Breaker.    The ELCI breaker combines a 30 amp breaker with a 30 milliamp fault breaker into one breaker.
  • ELCI Breaker Protects against any direct or ground fault shorts in the primary side of the isolation transformer
  • Surge Suppressor which protects from Power Surges in the Ground Wire and Power Surges in the Line Wire
  • The Main Breaker Enclosure is waterproof
  • The Main Breaker Enclosure is 6 x 6 x 4 inches


Power flows from the Main Breaker to the Isolation Transformer

  • The Isolation Transformer Conditions the Power by reducing power transients.    Every AC appliance on every boat hooked up to the dock transformer leaves its own signature on the power line.   Some signatures are barely noticable.    Some signatures cause large voltage spikes and dips usually from large inductive loads being turned on and off.
  • An Isolation Transformer removes all the smaller signatures and smooths out the larger spikes and dips to make almost perfect AC power for your chargers and sensitive electronics aboard your boat.
  • Isolation Transformers re-derive power so any power used aboard the boat cannot return fault current to the dock transformer which protects swimmers in fresh water and eliminates corrosion in salt water


Power flows from the Isolation Transformer to the Inline ELCI Breaker.   This protects the Inverter Charger and all loads from Equipment Failure.


Power flows from the Inline ELCI Breaker to the Inverter Charger

  •  The Inverter Charger is hooked up to the house battery.
  • AC Shorepower passes through the Inverter Charger when AC shorepower is present and within voltage constraints.
  • When power voltage drops, or shorepower is turned off, the inverter turns on providing uninterrupted AC power aboard the boat
  • The Inverter Charger provides power to the Propulsion Battery Balancers at Sea
  • The Inverter Charger Provides up to 50 amps at 48 VDC Get Home Mode
  • The Isolation Transformer Case, Inverter Charger Case, 12 volt Battery Negative, and Boat Ground are hooked together at the ships main ground busbar.   The three major electrical components are best installed in close proximity to each other.


Power flows from the Inverter Charger to the AC Distribution Enclosure

  • The AC Distribution Enclosure is equipped with an ELCI Breaker which protects the secondary side of the isolation transformer as well as all AC Loads on the boat.
  • The AC Distribution Enclosure includes a 15 amp breaker for house AC loads and up to 5 other AC breakers for chargers and appliances
  • The AC Distribution Enclosure is waterproof
  • All Outlets protected with GFCI