The Electric Propeller Company

The Electric Propeller Company designs, manufactures and installs Electric Propulsion Systems for boats up to 50 feet long.

Electroprop design is a result of over 10 years research into the best components made specifically for marine propulsion.   Electroprops are built using gears, known for their efficiency and maintenance free operation.   This translates to greater range under battery powered operation.

Our systems are compact, lightweight and powerful. Efficient design allows many boats to locate all electrical components and batteries in the engine compartment.

The E series of Electroprops replace diesels between 10 and 50 h.p. The E series is almost silent for enjoyment of your environment.

Switching to Electric Propulsion has many advantages to traditional propulsion. When you consider how fresh your boat can smell, how little it costs to own a maintenance free drive, and how quietly your boat can motor around, you will come to the same conclusion as we did many years ago.   There is no comparison to Electric Propulsion.

For sailor requiring extended range,  we recommend small Yamaha Generators or a Diesel DC Generators. Owning a boat equipped with a diesel generator is a very different experience from owning a traditionally powered vessel. Diesel Generators can be run at optimum times to avoid exhaust back-drafting into the boat.   Diesel generators run at peak load for more power, more efficiency and longer engine life with less maintenance. The diesel generator operates as a backup to solar, wind or shorepower and can be relied upon as necessary for continuous motoring of the vessel.

Motor sailing with an electric motor has incredible benefits.   Your boat can sail in lighter winds when the propeller is assisting the sails.   It takes very small amounts of power to create great increases in speed while sailing, and it is accomplished in almost complete silence.

If you have any questions, please pick up the phone or fill in one of our forms.   We will be happy to assist your conversion to Electric Propulsion.

James Lambden
Owner, The Electric Propeller Company
805 455 8444  Pacific Standard Time