2018 Electroprop Drives

Standard Features Include:

  • Permanent Magnet AC, Synchronous Motors
  • Active Cooling by Forced Air, Radiator, Heat Exchanger or Combinations thereof.
  • Helical or Planetary Gears for higher efficiency and longer life with ultra low maintenance
  • Computer Designed to the highest level of quality
  • Anodized Aluminum Enclosures with your choice of color cut by CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines
  • Completely enclosed wiring harnesses within the enclosure for lightning protection
  • Cable Controlled for lightning protection and superior throttle control
  • Enable Cable Control
  • Air Intake Ducting so engine runs on external cooling air preventing ambient temperature buildup within engine compartment for improved efficiency and power
  • Real Power Ratings.    All Ratings are Hybrid Ratings.    Continuous and Maximum Power Ratings.
  • Higher Efficiency means more power to the propeller, making batteries last longer and longer range.
  • Very Low Maintenance for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible Couplings for Accurate Alignment and Protection of Thrust Bearings
  • Oversize Ball Bearings for Higher Efficiency
  • Permanent Solution for Propulsion of your Sailboat
  • Throttle, Display and Motor Connections inside Waterproof Boxes
  • Designed for easy access to all components through hinging panels and removable access hatches
  • Super Tough, Super Durable, Very Efficient, Very Powerful Drives for your Sailboat or Small Powered Vessel

The 2018 Electroprop Drive Series has arrived.