Electroprop:   The Efficient Electric Drive System

Each Electroprop system is designed to obtain the highest efficiency possible so you can achieve your boat’s range requirement.    Efficiency is a serial equation and is the result of every component’s efficiency multiplied together to get total system efficiency.   We  put each component under the efficiency microscope because a gain in any one component, is a gain in total system efficiency, which is the determinant of range.

By building systems of high efficiency we are closing the range gap that exists between diesel and electric.    Electroprop systems have established ranges that exceed the typical range requirements of sailboats under 40 feet long, under battery power alone.     For sailors requiring additional range, we offer several options including Solar Arrays and DC Generators.

Electroprop’s ultra efficient system uses less energy.   In most cases this energy can be easily supplied through solar or shorepower, thus opening up the enormous benefits of clean, emission free, electric propulsion.

Efficiency is key to increased power levels.   Power is limited by heat and the ability of an electric drive to cool itself.   Efficient systems produce less heat which creates higher net power to the propeller.

Choose the Efficient Electric Drive.   Choose Electroprop.