The Electroprop Team is Energized and Ready for the new year.     Our Waterproof Products are more Efficient and more Capable than ever before.   All while maintaining Electroprop’s High Safety Standards.

Electroprop specializes in production-ready Electric and Hybrid Systems for Boats.


We now build 5 different styles of Propulsion Drives:  

The Air Cooled Helical known as the Sailor

The Planetary known as the Racer

The Air Cooled Planetary known as the Seafarer and

The Water Cooled Planetary known as the Cruiser

and the Air and Water Cooled Planetary known as the Voyager.


We have two standard system voltages, 48 and 96 VDC using Pure Lead battery packs from 5 to 20 KWH’.    Other System voltages are available.

We are now able to prefabricate the entire engine room with all the components mounted and installed,  for drop-in placement on the factory floor.    Simply send us a mold of the hull under the engine room and we can build up from there.    We will then ship you a complete electric and hybrid propulsion system ready to drop in – fully functioning as one component for assembly.

Each system is fully automated to simplify operation and minimize maintenance.     The result is the best value available for propulsion today.   Low Maintenance and Low Cost of Ownership is integral in the design of every electrical system we build.     So is reliability.    Electroprop systems are built to mitigate lightning and shorepower surges.   Electroprop uses very high quality components throughout.    Each component has been thoroughly evaulated for efficiency, quality and longevity.     Years of experience has taught us what works and how to accomplish very long battery range.

Each Electroprop Component is Water proof or Water resistant.    Cooling the charger is achieved by a heat sink mounted on the back of the charger box.     Battery Fuses are have O-rings and Double Insulation.    Sealed PVC Waterproof Boxes with Clear Front Lids are Used to access Switches.     Going to a waterproof standard adds years to the life expectancy of the equipment, while miminizing any maintenance requirement and enhancing reliability.   A sealed system locks out corrosion of electrical equipment.

Electroprop products have been perfected through years of custom installations for customers around the world.    Each custom build had their own requirements which we diligently built to the highest standards.    Now we have incorporated all the best features from our custom builds into a system that will provide you with years of untold enjoyment for you and your family and boating community.

Electroprop specializes in systems that exhibit an abundance of these qualities:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Power
  4. Ease of Installation
  5. A Powerful User Inteface
  6. Low Maintenance
  7. Low Cost of Ownership
  8. Long Life Expectancy

There is a lot of thoughtful information on the website about our basic electrical architecture which we share for the benefit of everyone.

Please inquire on the contact form to become a dealer, or qualified end user.

Share your ideas with us so we can make better boats together.

Electroprop Builds some of the most powerful marine electrical systems on the market today.    250 amps at 116 VDC yields 29 KW of Continuous Power.    Two of these systems in a catamaran is a lofty 58 KW of continuous power potential.    Thats a lot different from the 3 KW system that your boat came with.

Experience is required for the installation.    Installers need to be bonded and insured for work on marine electrical systems on boats.    Representing Electroprop in your area can become a profitable enterprise while filling the needs of the local boating community with a practical final solution to propulsion for their boats.

Electroprop is seeking qualified sailboat builders to partner with, to build the Electroprop Concept Boat.

Lets liven up boating this year.

Many thanks to everyone.