2018 Energy Systems

The Standard Electroprop Energy System is a 48 volt System.    96 Volt Systems comprise two 48 volt Systems in Series.

Each Energy System ships in a 4 foot x 4 foot x 3 foot box with fold out panels for ease of understanding which makes everything easy to install.   System is pre-wired in the box and fully functioning after hooking up batteries on site.


The 2018 Energy System includes:

  • GFCI protected Shorepower Cord
  • Shorepower Input GFCI Breaker in Sealed PVC Box with Clear Front Cover
  • Isolation Transformer  – 120 Volt input with 240 Volt, Split Phase Output ( increases charger efficiency and output while providing safety )
  • AC distribution breakers in Sealed PVC Box with Clear Front Cover and GFCI breakers for house outlets
  • DC distribution box with Double Pole Breakers including 1 x 250 amp breaker for motor, optional 250 amp breaker for generator, 5 x up to 50 amp DC breakers for solar, wind, DC converters, Optional additional breakers as necessary.    DC distribution box in Sealed PVC enclosure with Clear Front Panel
  • Main 250 amp DC Safety Disconnect Battery Switch.   Nitrogen Filled.   Can Switch under load
  • 10 fuses on battery pack.   Fuses have spring connect with O rings and Rubber Boots.   Double Insulation.   Double Waterproof.    5 fuses for Balancing.   5 fuses for Monitoring
  • 4 Northstar Thin Plate, Pure Lead, Advanced AGM Batteries
  • Victron Solar Charge Controller
  • Victron 48 volt Battery Monitor with Smart Shunt
  • Battery Packs are Isolated and Monitored for Ground Faults by Bender Insulation Monitor
  • 12 volt Northstar House Battery, Battery Monitor and Shunt

Charging System

  • 27 amp Main Charger.    Optional 49 amp Main Charger.    Main Charger housed in sealed PVC box with Heat Sink and Fan
  • 16 amp Balancing Charger with up to 20 amps of Balancing Currents.   Balancing Charger works when AC is present at dock or with DC underway
  • 20 amp get home mode if any one battery needs a boost

Monitoring System:

  • Monitors each of 4 batteries for voltage and temperature
  • Enables up to 7 chargers
  • Enables 2 diversion loads, typically fans
  • Enables 5 loads
  • Safety Alarm Relay
  • Communicates over Bluetooth and Wifi and Internet
  • Mobile Hotspot with Cell Modem and Router
  • Sends Text alarms if bilge pumps go off
  • Allows remote operation of circuits, for example turning lights or refrigerator on before getting to boat
  • 3 different current sensors to enable monitoring of battery currents, charging currents and load currents
  • Viewable on Android phone and Tablet.    Apple coming next year
  • Monitors and Stores Historical Voltage and Temperature Data on all Batteries








2017 Energy System with Mastervolt Chargers

2017 Energy System



2018 Charge Monitor and Balance System

2018 Energy System