Electroprop Generators

All Electroprop Drives can be configured as Generators.   The advantage being Electroprop Drives have all components mounted within the enclosure and the motors are gear driven.    Each Drive can Start the diesel motor and then start generating.    The advantage to using a Drive as a Generator is standardization of components aboard your vessel.

Electroprop Generators have a smaller space requirement, which may be useful in some applications where space is a premium.

All Generators (and Drives configured as Generators)  include the following standard features

  • Kubota Diesel Motors
  • Tier 4 compliant
  • Permanent Magnet, Alternating Current, Synchronous Motors
  • Same Motor can be used in Generator as in Drive System for standardization of components aboard boat
  • Sevcon controller running in Regen Mode for higher efficiency than a diode block
  • Drives are Gear Driven, Generators utilize Cogged Drive Belts
  • Generators Drive Belts are Enclosed in Aluminum Shields
  • Generators can start diesel engine from 48 or 96 volt battery.
  • Generators standard without 12 volt starter, alternator and battery or Optional 12 volt starter, alternator and battery
  • 4 motor mounts for vibration controll
  • Optional 8 motor mounts for Stealth level Vibration Control on secondary mount platform
  • Single or Dual Alternators

All Generators are custom made for the application.