The House Energy System

  • comprised of two Northstar Batteries, preferrably the same size as the Propulsion Batteries for standardization of batteries on the boat.
  • Includes Battery Switch and Battery Fuses
  • charged by a Victron 2 KW Inverter Charger
  • Charged by Victron 35 amp Solar Charge Controller
  • Monitored for voltage and battery temperature.
  • Monitors Bilge Pump Operation
  • Transmits Voltage, Temperature and Bilge Pump Operation by Wifi, Bluetooth and over the internet to Android Apps (Apple coming soon)

The House Energy System is used as a reservoir for solar and wind energy.   The lower voltage house battery allows the use of solar panels in parallel.   Solar Panels can therefore be spread out around the boat, can be different sizes and in different orientations.

Solar Charging of the Propulsion Battery can be achieved with the Propulsion Charger running off the House Inverter Charger

The House Energy System provides up to 25 amps of get home mode if you run low on energy in the Propulsion Energy System.   This effectively increases the size of the Propulsion Energy System for longer range if you need it.

The house energy system includes a Victron Network to monitor the Inverter Charger, Solar Charger and Battery Capacity.

Information displayed includes Battery Voltage, Current, and Time to Go.