House Inverter-Charger

2 KW Inverter / 1 KW Charger

  • For 12 or 24 Volt House Batteries
  • 2 KW Uninterrupted AC Power
  • Low AC Voltage Protection by switching to inverter
  • High AC Voltage Protection by switching to inverter
  • 1 KW House Battery Charging
  • Requires Grounded House Battery – not for use on the Propulsion Battery.
  • Enables Charging of Propulsion Battery from House Battery
  • Enables Solar Charging of House Battery for Propulsion
  • Enables Solar Panels to be mounted in Parallel at 12 volts and used for both house and propulsion energy
  • Located close to Main Ground Busbar
  • Provides information on charging and inverting, AC voltage and current and DC voltage and current,  which is available on a remote screen through the system monitor network.
  • Part of Network that includes 12 volt Battery Monitor, 48 volt Battery Monitor and System Monitor
  • Key Component for integration of Propulsion Battery with House Battery