Inline GFCI / ELCI

Electroprop uses GFCI protection on shorepower cords, and ELCI protection on Inverter-Charger.

  • Molded onto cord within 18 inches of power source
  • 30 amp capacity
  • GFCI (Personal Protection Level) for Shorepower Cord
  • GFCI Protects People and Equipment from Accidental Immersion of Shorepower cable in water
  • Will not nuisance trip when used in conjunction with Isolation Transformer
  • ELCI (Equipment Protection Level) of Inverter-Charger and Loads
  • Compact, Waterproof Enclosure molded onto the cord
  • Easy to install
  • Does not have overcurrent protection and should not be used as a switch
  • Increases Safety of AC aboard the boat
  • Protects people and equipment in damp and wet environments