Installers generally have a proficiency for working on electric and mechanical components.

Inquire by phone, email or mail if you qualify

  • ABYC Marine Electrical Technician
  • NMEA Marine Electronics Technician
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Most Diesel Mechanics Qualify
  • Most Boatyards Qualify
  • All New Equipment Manufacturers

Discounts depending on volume of sales, strength of qualifications, and business infrastructure.

Previous experience is recommended, though not completely required.    Installers can take the Electric Boat Course to learn to become and Electric Drive Technician.    Course is $3,500 for 5 days of individual instructions on electric drives and installation specifics.   Successful candidates can become the dealer in their local area, and receive our highest discount.

The Electric Drive Technician is responsible for inspecting and passing the Electric Drive Installation Inspection, after which warranty is given to customer.

What Electroprop is looking for on any installation is, a person of experience in the field of electric and mechanical installations,  to check over the installation and verify each connection and the overall operation of the sailboat including alignment of the drive.    When complete, installations should be clean, easy to understand and easy to comprehend.     The Installers Job is to see that the installation is well thought out, and installed with optimum location and installation of components.