Drives are standalone systems based on energy provided by the customer.    Drive Systems feature waterproof wiring harnesses, gear reduction, permanent magnet AC motors with Sevcon controllers and all necessary electrical and electronics mounted in anodized aluminum enclosure with cable control.

Systems are pre-wired based on wire lengths provided by customer.    Please fill out layout form for system build.

All Hybrids including Racer, Seafarer, Cruiser and Voyager are quoted on a custom basis, based on your unique requirements.


Pick Your Drive:

  • 12 KW Sailor Drive:  $7,000    48 volt, 7 KW Hybrid Rating, Efficient, Powerful, Low Profile, Air Cooled, Helical Gear
  • 24 KW Racer Drive:  $7,575     96 Volt,  12 KW Hybrid Rating, Powerful, Compact, Air or Water cooled drive.   Cooling provided by installer.
  • 24 KW Seafarer Drive:  $7,775    96 Volt, 14 KW Hybrid Rating, Powerful Air Cooled, Waterproof Drive
  • 24 KW Cruiser Drive:  $9,875   96 Volt, 14 KW Water Cooled Waterproof Drive with Energy Capture
  • 24 KW Voyager Drive:  $12,000   96 Volt, 21 KW Hybrid Rating, Air and Water cooled Drive.

Hybrid Ratings are based on continuous operation of the drive system.



Complete Systems Prices are now available for Sailor Drive only.     The Sailor Drive is suitable for boats up to 14,000 lbs in displacement.    All Electric Systems are suitable for boats up to this size for daysailing and cruising if supplied with adequate charging sources.

Boats over 14,000 lbs in displacement should be hybrid and supplied with a generator and multiple charging sources.   Please inquire for custom pricing for Racer, Seafarer, Cruiser and Voyager Complete Systems.


2018 SAILOR SYSTEMS now Available.  

Prices do not include Batteries or Propeller

Prices Change without notice.


Sailor Drive:   $7,000

Sailor Drive

Includes Sailor Drive with coupling, flexible coupling, battery fuse and battery switch.

Batteries not included

The Sailor Drive is recommended for customers who can provide there own energy including batteries, charger and Shorepower.   A good working knowledge of Batteries in Series is recommended.



Sailor Plug-In 500:   $7,450

Sailor Plug-In 500

Sailor Electric Propulsion Drive

500 watt, 4 bank Balancing Charger for up to 92 amp hour batteries.

For Sailing in Salt Water Only.    Uses existing Shorepower System

Grounded 48 Volt Electrical System



Sailor Plug In 1,200:   $11,700

Sailor Plug-In 1200

Sailor with Electric Management System and 1200 Watt Charger.

For Sailing in Salt Water Only

Recommended for Salt Water.    Uses existing Shorepower System.

Grounded 48 Volt Electrical System




Sailor:  $12,950


Includes Sailor Drive package plus Battery Management System, Battery Charger, DC Distribution,

For Sailing in Salt Water Only.

Requires existing AC Shorepower and Distribution Systems.

Floating 48 Volt DC System with Ground Fault Monitor.



Sailor Powertrain:  $17,400

Sailor Powertrain

Includes Sailor package plus GFCI protected shorepower cord and inlet, Master Breaker, Lightning and Surge Protection, Isolation Transformer, AC Distribution,

For Sailing in Fresh or Salt Water.

For Sailors who wish to install a Powerful, Safe and Efficient Shorepower System fully integrated with their Electric Propulsion System.


Sailor Powertrain with House Integration:   $19,400

Sailor Powertrain with House

Includes Sailor Powertrain plus:  2 KW / 12 volt Inverter Charger, 30 milliamp ELCI inline module,

For Sailing in Fresh or Salt Water.

Up to 25% longer range as house battery can be tapped for propulsion purposes.

Faster Recharging at the dock as both house and propulsion batteries are charging at the same time.

Redundant Energy System Monitors.    System Monitor provides basic information and time to go on a color touchscreen at the helm

User Controlled DC to DC converters for powering dedicated loads.   Can be controlled over smartphone and tablet.

Recommended for New Builds and Complete Sailboat Retrofit.


Fresh or Salt Water:  A Note About Isolation Transformers:

Isolation Transformers are required for any boat navigating in Fresh Water to prevent Electric Shock Drowning and are useful for Salt Water boats to prevent corrosion.


A Note about Batteries: 

We recommend Northstar Blue Plus Batteries.   To minimize shipping we recommend you purchase your batteries from a local Northstar Dealership.   Request that the batteries were all manufactured on the same date.    If batteries were manufactured on different dates, add a balancing charger to your system.     Please let us know if you are considering using a different battery manufacturer to make sure our charging algorithms are compatible.