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Drive Ratings:    With an electric motor, it is important to define the power level of the drive and whether that power is Peak or Continuous.    Peak Ratings are a function of the Circuit Protection Rating while Continuous Ratings are a function of the cooling system.   Our standard systems utilize 250 amp double pole breakers so a 48 volt system Peak Rating is 48 x 250 = 12 KW, while a 96 volt Peak Rating is 24 KW.

Our drives are rated for continuous operation.   Each drive can run under hybrid power at their stated power level.

All drives utilize Brushless, Permanent Magnet Motors with Waterproof, Cable Actuated Wiring Harness

Planetary Drives are rated at 96 Volts.     48 volt Planetary Drives have half the power level of a 96 volt Planetary Drive.

Typical performance from our systems:    1 KW per 2,000 lbs of boat weight achieves 6 knots of boat speed.

These systems are ultra-efficient at motor sailing.


Pick Your Drive:

  • Sailor Drive:  $6,875    48 volt, 6 KW  Efficient, Powerful, Low Profile, Air Cooled, Helical Gear
  • Racer Drive:  $7,575     96 Volt,  12 KW Powerful, Compact, Air or Water cooled drive.   Cooling provided by installer.
  • Seafarer Drive:  $7,775    96 Volt, 14 KW Powerful Air Cooled, Waterproof Drive
  • Cruiser Drive:  $9,875   96 Volt, 14 KW Water Cooled Waterproof Drive with Energy Capture
  • Voyager Drive:  $12,000   96 Volt, 21 KW Air and Water cooled Drive.


How to pick a Propulsion Electrical System:

  1.   All Batteries need to be monitored.
  2.   The simplest and easiest Basic Charging System utilizes a 4 bank charger.   The most powerful of the 4 bank chargers is 10 amps.    Many of these chargers, once warmed up and/or once voltage rises, may only put out 7 amps.   If charge time is not an issue, this is a very cost effective way of managing a battery.    If you routinely deeply discharge a battery, it will take a long time to recharge – 200 amp hour battery divided by 7 amps = 28 hours + 2 hours of conditioning = 30 hour charge time.
  3. Any time charging is done on the 48 volt level, every battery needs to be monitored for voltage and temperature, and if either voltage or temperature is too high, then 48 volt charging is stopped and four x 12 volt chargers are enabled to finish the charge while balancing the battery pack.    48 volt chargers will charge all four 12 volt batteries at the same time.
  4. Our larger systems will charge at up to 6 KW.    We have a 3.3 KW multi-voltage charger that can charge both the house and propulsion bank at 1.6 KW each, or can charge the propulsion battery at up to 3.3 KW.  Pictures coming soon.
  5. Anytime a battery is charged from two different sources it becomes a hybrid of those two sources.    All hybrid should be centrally controlled by a central computer.
  6. All system prices below include batteries.   We will be offering systems without batteries and will post pricing soon.    (Quite often batteries are better sourced with warranty by a local battery dealer.   Please consult your local battery dealer for information and availability on Northstar Batteries. – If systems utilize a different battery, then please notify us so we can change the charging program)


Pick your Propulsion Electrical System

  • 48 volt electric basic:  $4,875
  • 48 volt Hybrid DC Energy System:    $11,775  plus commissioning
  • 48 volt Hybrid AC/DC Energy System:  $14,775 plus commissioning
  • 96 volt Electric basic:  $8,700 plus commissioning
  • 96 volt Hybrid DC Energy System:  $20,450 plus commissioning
  • 96 volt Hybrid AC/DC Energy System:  $27,775 plus commissioning

*all energy systems are fully upgradeable

*commissioning by ABYC or NMEA members, or Electroprop Representative


Pick your House Energy System:

  • 12 volt House Energy System:  $6,775
  • 24 volt House Energy System:  $7,475


Pick your Generator

coming soon


Pick your Propeller

13 inch high thrust 3 blade propeller:   $575

14 inch high thrust 4 blade propeller:   $675




Prices may change without notice.