3 – 12 KW Electroprop Autonomy

Autonomous Energy Systems are able to sustain continuous operation.     This can be achieved with solar power, and further enhanced by the use of wind, regeneration, or automated diesel generator.

A well outfitted boat is capable of harnessing energy from any source possible.   The only way that the energy can be used by the boat is with an electric propulsion system.     Redundancy in the energy supply of the boat between traditional and renewables is key to maximize the range of the vessel.   The Electroprop Autonomy gives you the freedom to enjoy both traditional and alternative sources of energy.

Further enhancing the range capabilities of the boat is the Electroprop Autonomy’s efficiency throughout the power levels, and especially at low power levels, where small amounts of power increase motorsailing speed substantially.

The Electroprop Autonomy Series of drives differentiate themselves by their cooling systems.   Both the motor and the gearbox are water cooled.   Heat is dissipated by a closed loop radiator system, heat sink, keel cooler, or by seawater.

The Autonomy was developed for boat builders.     Measuring less than a cubic foot, this drive system is the most compact, powerful drive in its class.   Weighing in at as little as 60 lbs,  its great for racers and cruisers alike.    Racers for light weight, cruisers for larger battery banks.

Builders now have the ability to place the batteries in the engine compartment with no change to the original configuration of the boat.

The Autonomy is completely maintenance free.  Once your boat is built, your job is done.   The autonomy will give you years of service over thousands of miles.    The Autonomy looks after itself with lifetime lubrication on all bearings.

Build your boat to look after it’s own energy needs autonomously.    Free yourself from the fuel dock or the shorepower cord.   Energy is all around us, every day.   The autonomy gives you unprecendented capability to harness natural energy sources to increase the range of your boat.

Enhance your boat’s value with The Autonomy by Electroprop.