Complete Solutions for Electric Propulsion

Electroprop Propulsion Drives


Each Electroprop has been meticulously refined over the years to provide safe, efficient power for propulsion and house loads.   Consider the Advantages!

Safer: Each Electroprop comes standard with double pole master breaker, double pole panel and ground fault monitor.

Efficient:  Higher Net Propulsive Force.   Longer range from a cool running machine.

Powerful: We routinely replace diesels of two to three times the horsepower ratings and achieve similar performance.

Cooler: Each Electroprop has enhanced cooling features, making the motor run more efficiently, with higher power levels.

Adjustable: Each Electroprop is simple to install with a completely adjustable mounting system which can be pre-configured at the factory for a drop in replacement on existing engine rails.

Maintenance free: No regular maintenance is required.

Backed by Data: Each Electroprop has been thoroughly tested with real world, independently verified efficiency numbers.

Warranty: Four years on all parts and labor. Shipping not included.

Each Electroprop has motor, gearbox, thrust bearing, controller, contactor, fuse and fan in an enclosure specifically designed for efficient heat transfer.

The sensible choice for Marine Propulsion.