The Propulsion Energy System is comprised of 4 batteries with a dedicated Charge, Monitor and Balancing System.  

96 Volt Systems are comprised of two 48 volt systems in Series.

The Batteries:

  •  4 Northstar Blue Plus Batteries of any size between 100 and 210 amp hours.

The Charge, Monitor and Balancing System (CMB)  Includes

  • 20 amp Main Charger.    Optional 27 or 49 amp Main Charger.
  • Main Charger housed in sealed PVC box with Heat Sink and Fan
  • 2 amp balancing system
  • 5 amp external source balancing system powered by House Inverter
  • 25 amp Get Home Mode on House Battery Energy
  • Monitors each of 4 batteries for voltage and temperature
  • 16 Relays control up to 16 Load, Diversion Loads, Charging Sources and Alarms
  • Rule Engine
  • Safety Alarm Relay
  • Communicates over Bluetooth and Wifi and Internet
  • Sends Text alarms if bilge pumps go off
  • Allows remote operation of circuits, for example turning lights or refrigerator on before getting to boat
  • 5 different current sensors to enable monitoring of battery currents, charging currents and load currents
  • Viewable on Android phone and Tablet.    Apple coming next year
  • Monitors and Stores Historical Voltage and Temperature Data on all Batteries

The Charge, Monitor and Balance System enclosure is 12.5 x 14.5 x 7.5.

The CMB is the most power dense, feature rich, balancing charger ever made.