2018 Racer

The 2018 Racer includes a new controller box with self contained, waterproof wiring harness with Cable Control.

The Racer is to be installed in an air duct with fan or with Water cooling with Radiator or Heat Exchanger.



2018 Racer Features:

  • 12 KW continuous, 30 KW Peak Drive @ 96 volts
  • 7 KW continuous, 15 KW Peak @ 48 volts
  • Multiple Electric Motor Options in Air Cooled, Water cooled, Open Frame and Sealed Motors
  • Permanent Magnet, AC, Synchronous, Waterproof, Sealed, Air cooled Electric Motor
  • Planetary Gearbox with 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 Gear Ratios
  • 140 or 220 amp continuous Sevcon Controller
  • Waterproof, Fully Enclosed Wiring Harness
  • Cable Operated Enable Switch
  • Cable Operated Throttle
  • Lightning Protection by Design – All wiring enclosed for Farraday’s Cage Protection
  • 2 inch electrical conduit
  • Intake Air Ducts in Controller Enclosure
  • Canbus Clearview display on quick connect for remote installation
  • Fusebox and Gearbox Access Hatches
  • Controller Fan with dedicated DC converter
  • Flexible Coupling for ease of installation and accurate alignment and to protect bearing.
  • Anodized Aluminum Enclosure with choice of colors
  • Stainless Fasteners throughout


RACER:  High Power to Weight Ratio for ultralight Racers in 48 and 72 Volt Configurations

  • The Racer has no mounting system and relies on a transverse beam to be constructed to which the Racer is lagged down. The beam is the alignment and requires a skilled fiberglass technician to accomplish this. We recommend the Racer for Original Equipment Manufacturers who like to build boats that win races! The Racer Drive weighs in at 57 lbs plus controller box.
  • 18 KW Maximum Power, 10 KW continuous Power

Drive Weight:  60 lbs plus weight of controller box.

The future is electric for inshore racing sailboats!

Twin Racer Drives can be mounted on a sailboat or runabout for superior control and twice the power.   They are so small and light they can be mounted under furniture in the mid section of the boat.      Think of the possiblities that small and light can give you when designing your next sailboat.     Usually the diesel motor location limits the interior design, causing builders to place the engines further aft, under the companionway,  creating additional down angle in the drive.    The Racer is small and light enough it could be mounted pretty much under any interior component on a boat, at the right place for the drive to be in the boat for maximum efficiency.    A cooling duct is recommended for any installation in a tight space to prevent ambient temperature buildup in the drive.

The Racer is great for small runabout boats and dinghy’s.

Drive Height and Base Size can be customized for your mount.