Labor Rates:


Whether you are looking at converting your boat to electric,  or starting an electric boat dealership,  or a manufacturer seeking to switch to electric drive for your product line, Electroprop is here to help.


We build electric and hybrid drivelines for sailboats up to 60 feet long.


Our Standard Shop Rate, Custom Fabrication Rate, and Work on a Boat in Santa Barbara Harbor is $95 per hour.

Travel Rate is $150 per hour, $1,200 per day for Canada and United States, $10,000 per week for national and international travel,  plus food and accommodations.



Driveline Prices


Mariner:  $20,000

Sailor:  $20,000

Islander  $22,000

Racer   $22,000

Seafarer:   $24,000

Cruiser:    $27,000

Voyager:   $35,000


Santa Barbara Harbor Discounts Available

DC Generators quoted on case by case basis.

AC Hybrid Options


Quotes:   Santa Barbara Harbor Quotes:   Free

Quotes outside of Santa Barbara Harbor:   $100


Consultations:   First 1/2 hour telephone consultation:   Free

Additional Consultations:   $95 per hour paid by Paypal


Terms:   Every system must be locally represented by a dealer or someone with dealer training.   ABYC or NMEA members are pre-qualified to become dealers of Electroprop.

Any boat owner wishing to convert their drive system can become a dealer by taking the dealer training course.

Businesses with no prior experience must complete the dealer training course of 5 days at a cost of $3,000.    One week in Santa Barbara and you will know everything you need to service an electric machine .