Electrical Safety

Upgrading your boat to Electric Propulsion with an Electroprop Energy System increases the safety of your electrical system.

Electric Propulsion Vessels require a new approach to Electrical Design to insure safety, reliability and power.    The systems are far more powerful and need to be built to a new higher standard for safety, reliability, and power.   Electroprop builds systems improve the electrical safety aboard your boat.



Everything conductor is insulated for maximum safety.   We make our panels so you can’t touch conductors without access with tools.   We include split loom for each high current conductor.



Our distribution boxes for Medium Voltage DC and AC are enclosed in sealed boxes.   This eliminates the potential for corrosion by keep moisture away from connections.   These boxes can be locked up as necessary providing there is a master disconnect available from outside the box.



All conductive metallic surfaces on a boat are required to be bonded together in the ground plane.  This is to prevent the possibility of electric shock between two conductive surfaces at different electrical potentials.

It is not mandatory for electrical components to be encased in a conductive metal box.   Its better electrical design to insulate components wherever possible, and use components in plastic insulated boxes wherever possible.



AC is easy to interrupt because the waveform goes through 0 volts, 60 times per second.

Electroprop employs full boat protection with Equipment Leakage Circuit Interruption Breakers (ELCI) at 30 milliamps.     This is easy to employ technology.   Every AC circuit should be protected, regardless of where it is located aboard a boat.    All outlets aboard a boat should be GFCI protected.



Plus Systems include Ground Fault Monitoring to enable voltages higher than 48 volts and high power hybrid applications.



Plus Systems include Double pole breakers with ground fault monitoring.   The most practical advantage is being able to find and completely isolate any circuit causing problems.    Simply switch off the circuits one at a time until the ground fault disappears.



All fresh water vessels powered by an Electroprop require an ELCI or RCBO breaker at the shore-power pedestal on the dock.

All fresh water vessels powered by an Electroprop with AC distribution aboard, require an isolation transformer on the boat, with an ELCI breaker after the isolation transformer.  (Vessels without AC distribution, powered by a multibank charger are exempt from this requirement.)



Electroprop Energy System Features:

–  AC distribution housed in water proof, insulated boxes

–  DC distribution housed in water resistant boxes

–  All components rated for full charging voltage and currents

–  All AC systems include Equipment Leakage Circuit Interruption Breakers (ELCI)  with 30 milli-amp trip threshold

–  All freshwater boats using shore-power for charging batteries are equipped with isolation transformers to prevent stray current from entering the water.

–  Electroprop Plus Systems include double pole breakers with ground fault monitoring.

–  Electroprop Energy Systems balance, monitor and protect every battery in the system.

–  Electroprop Energy Systems minimize electrical connections for higher safety and reliability.

–  Electroprop Energy Systems utilize large cables with high surface area for all connections.


Electroprop Energy Systems Safety Benefits:


–  There are no exposed metal surfaces that you can touch without the use of tools.   This minimizes any potential of electric shock aboard your boat.

–  Plus systems are easy to monitor for ground faults, and in the unlikely occasion that a ground fault occurs, you are immediately notified.   Locating the ground fault is effortless – simply switch off each double pole breaker until the fault disappears.    You do not need a technician, you do not need any special tools.

–  Each AC outlet aboard the boat is ground fault protected.   In a marine environment where moisture and water are commonplace, this protection is essential for a completely safe system

–  Each circuit is connected with large cables for minimal voltage drop.   Each connection has large surfaces for good conductivity.

–  The entire system is plug and play for easy installation.

–  Electroprop Energy Systems give you the information you need.   Not only is information key to your safety, it is key to the safety of your vessel.   With time to go monitoring you know how long your battery will sustain your propulsion loads.

–  High current charging puts a load on your shorepower.  Let Smartplug do the work bringing power aboard your vessel.  These new cords and inlets are o-ring sealed, have a great connection system and are sized for high continuous current charging loads.


Choose Electroprop’s Energy System.   The electrical system built for Electric Propulsion. 




















Battery Safety

A good battery bank is what makes an electric boat viable.    Let’s keep batteries safe by following some simple practices.


Battery Balancing is Essential

Electroprop Energy systems balance batteries on every charge cycle.

Propulsion Systems use balancers that shunt current between batteries and warn of imbalance.

Plus Systems use dedicated battery chargers for each battery with a dedicated temperature sensor on each battery.


Batteries in Parallel

Electroprop’s Pure Lead Batteries can be paralleled with safety.    Pure Lead Batteries maintain safety throughout their life.    Any other battery held in parallel is potentially dangerous.   Choose Pure Lead only for large battery banks in parallel.


Temperature Compensation

With dedicated battery chargers with dedicated temperature sensors, if any one battery gets hot during charging, the battery charger decreases voltage and current.

Each battery charger uses temperature to control the algorithm.   The hotter the battery is, the lower the voltage it should be charged at.


Thin Plate, Pure Lead AGM Battery Technology

Electroprop recommends next generation AGM batteries with Thin Plate Pure Lead chemistry.    These batteries, because of the pure lead construction, simply lose capacity at the end of their life without internally shorting.   This completely eliminates the possibility of a cell short at the end of the batteries life.


Know your Battery Pack

When batteries are installed in series, they are only as good as the weakest battery.   You need to know the individual voltages of each battery to know how strong your battery pack is.

Plus Systems include dedicated battery chargers that provides data acquisition on the individual batteries.   Battery voltage is monitored with high and low voltage alarms.   Battery temperature is monitored.   Time to go, and amp hour capacity remaining, is monitored so you can calculate range.


The Inherent Value of a good Charging and Monitoring System

By applying ourselves to Battery Safety, we have value gains by making batteries last longer.   It is an investment that pays dividends in length of service, safety, and increased amp hour capacity though-out the life of the battery.    You can expect between 8 to 10 years and beyond from an Electroprop Energy System.   Cycle Life, Capacity, and Length of Service increase with good battery management.