Electroprop Sailor Drive

Drive Benefits

All drives are advertised by continuous and peak ratings. Continuous ratings taken after temperature has stabilized after 1 hour.
Hybrid Ratings – Hybrid Ratings are the same as Continuous Ratings
Peak ratings are set by battery current fusing or size of circuit breaker used.
Most compact system when you consider the room to mount all of these components on the boat.
Best use of space – space above the motor is typically available as most boats have diesel options – we mount all of our motor components in this space which is not ordinarily developed.
Less maintenance: belts require inspection and maintenance. Gears can go 10 years before recommended oil change.

Active Cooling Circuit :   Ducted Fan Enclosure




Electroprop Drive Enclosure

Totally enclosed wiring harness inside a Faraday’s Cage for maximum protection against lightning
Water resistant enclosure protects all drive electronics and controller from direct spray
Gearbox access hatch for ease of installation
Fusebox access hatch for ease of changing fuses
Large Controller access hatch
Complete Access to various components through 2 large fold outs and inspection hatches
Motor Mount Rails can be mounted in 4 different positions for maximum height adjustment
2 inch conduit for motor wires to drive unit. Conduit screws into side of case
4 inch conduit for cooling air. Left right and forward orientation
Cable control
Sound Mitigation: Enclosure reduces the sound of the motor and gears
Hi output Spal Fan turned on at 160 degrees Motor temp – increases power rating of drive, increases efficiency of drive by running at cooler temperatures
Air cooling designed to rush air over controller, contactor, gearbox and motor for maximum power and increased efficiency


Electroprop Drive Wiring Harness

Waterproof Wiring Harness
Waterproof Motor Connector Plug Enclosure resolves corrosion issues for motor connector plug
Double Shielded Metal Motor connector plug enclosure – grounded to case, provides secondary shield for motor connector. resolves connectors themselves are not shielded.
Information wires shielded to battery negative for better protection from EMI – includes motor encoder connector, throttle and Canbus display wires
Battery Negative Shielding fused to 10 amps – protects drive wires from hundreds of amps of potential
Thermistor wiring negative reference fuse at 1 amp
Canbus Monitor Negative fuse at 1 amp
Throttle Negative Fuse at 1 amp
Sevcon logic fuse at 1 amp
Visual indicator of fuse integrity for Sevcon Logic Circuit
Dual water proof fuses for fan allowing for easy removal of fan from unit for servicing as fuse holders become disconnects



Gear Drive – High Efficiency Power Transfer
No side loads on motor bearings
Oil Cooled Thrust Bearings


Motor Mounts:   4 Professional Motor Mounts with Fine Thread, Large Bases and 2 inch Fender Washers for maximum adjustment in all dimensions.

Flexible Coupling:   Simplifies Alignment Process.   Accurate alignment indicator.    Align within 1 / 4,000 of an inch.   Good Alignment contributes to Drivetrain Efficiency.    Option to ground case to propeller shaft – see more on grounding recommendations.

Canbus Display

Canbus display with shielded, waterproof, connectors for remote installation
Canbus screen comes protected inside enclosure for protection from lightning as standard
Canbus Drive System screen displays all pertinent Motor and Controller information including: Motor Temperature, Current, RPM and AC currents to motor, Controller Temperature, DC current, Battery Voltage
Fault monitoring with codes or explanation on any fault in motor or controller displayed on CANBUS screen
Audible and Visual Fault Notification for Propulsion Drive
Canbus Screen has programming capability including Motor Rpm in forward and reverse and acceleration ramps allowing for final commissioning of system for boat



Large Spal Fan driven by Dedicated DC converter
Low current enable of the DC converter that is dedicated to the fan
Cooling Air ducting so motor can cool off cooler air from cabin and not from temperature of engine room which heats up over time
Fan cooling of propulsion unit based on Motor Temperature currently set to 160 degrees F


Drive Software

Advanced software for drive system optimized for maximum efficiency in changing conditions – prevents surging of rpm when load comes off propeller from boat speeding up
Cruise control: controller seamlessly shifts between two motor torque curves to prevent propeller being stalled in regen, while stabilizing boat speed making boat easier to sail
Set Sail: control luffing of sails with throttle


2017 Electroprop Sailor Drive