1. Gear Drive – increases efficiency of power transfer to propeller
2. No side loads on motor bearings
3. Oil Lube Thrust Bearing
4. Each system provided with a propeller and Electroprop determines the ratio of the gearbox for suitable performance

Electroprop Drive Enclosure

5. Totally enclosed wiring harness inside a Faraday’s Cage for maximum protection against lightning
6. Water resistant enclosure protects all drive electronics and controller from direct spray
7. gearbox access hatch for ease of installation
8. fusebox access hatch for ease of changing fuses
9. controller access hatch allowing servicing of controller easily – sized for complete removal and replacement of controller
10. Complete Access to various components through 2 large fold outs and inspection hatches
11. Professional motor mounts with high amount of adjustability to help installation
12. 2 inch conduit for motor wires to drive unit. Conduit screws into side of case
13. 4 inch conduit for cooling air. Left right and forward orientation on sailor, Forward orientation on Seafarer and Voyager. Provides cooler air from cabin for higher output and efficiency
14. Cable control
15. Sound Mitigation: Enclosure reduces the sound of the motor and gears
16. Hi output Spal Fan turned on at 160 degrees Motor temp – increases power rating of drive, increases efficiency of drive by running at cooler temperatures
17. Air cooling designed to rush air over controller, contactor, gearbox and motor for maximum power and increased efficiency

Electroprop Drive Wiring Harness

18. Waterproof Wiring Harness
19. Waterproof Motor Connector Plug Enclosure resolves corrosion issues for motor connector plug
20. Double Shielded Metal Motor connector plug enclosure – grounded to case, provides secondary shield for motor connector. resolves connectors themselves are not shielded.
21. Information wires shielded to battery negative for better protection from EMI – includes motor encoder connector, throttle and Canbus display wires
22. Battery Negative Shielding fused to 10 amps – protects drive wires from hundreds of amps of potential
23. Thermistor wiring negative reference fuse at 1 amp
24. Canbus Monitor Negative fuse at 1 amp
25. Throttle Negative Fuse at 1 amp
26. Sevcon logic fuse at 1 amp
27. Visual indicator of fuse integrity for Sevcon Logic Circuit
28. Dual water proof fuses for fan allowing for easy removal of fan from unit for servicing as fuse holders become disconnects

Canbus Display

29. Canbus display wired to NMEA 2,000 cable for ease of installation. Simply purchase the correct NMEA 2,000 cable and plug in to extend cable allowing for remote installation of CANBUS screen
30. Canbus screen comes protected inside enclosure for protection from lightning as standard
31. Canbus Drive System screen displays all pertinent Motor and Controller information including: Motor Temperature, Current, RPM and AC currents to motor, Controller Temperature, DC current, Battery Voltage
32. Fault monitoring with codes or explanation on any fault in motor or controller displayed on CANBUS screen
33. Audible and Visual Fault Notification for Propulsion Drive
34. Canbus Screen has programming capability including Motor Rpm in forward and reverse and acceleration ramps allowing for final commissioning of system for boat


35. Dedicated DC converter for Air Cooling Fans and / or Water cooling pump
36. Low current enable of the DC converter that is dedicated to the fan
37. Cooling Air ducting so motor can cool off cooler air from cabin and not from temperature of engine room which heats up over time
38. Fan cooling of propulsion unit based on Motor Temperature currently set to 160 degrees F
39. Fadiator cooling of largest model prevents corrosion from a copper heat exchanger
40. All aluminum cooling system for water cooled motors prevents corrosion and eliminates the need for a zinc on the water cooling circuit
41. Heat recovery option for Electroprop Cruiser: using heat from the motor provides hot water for boat, while increasing net overall efficiency

Drive Software

42. Advanced software for drive system optimized for maximum efficiency in changing conditions – prevents surging of rpm when load comes off propeller from boat speeding up
43. Cruise control: controller seamlessly shifts between two motor torque curves to prevent propeller being stalled in regen, while stabilizing boat speed making boat easier to sail
44. Set Sail: control luffing of sails with throttle

Drive Benefits

45. Smallest and lightest propulsion motor with the use of the racer which can provide mounting in smaller spaces
46. All drives are advertised by continuous and peak ratings. Continuous ratings taken after temperature has stabilized after 1 hour.
47. Hybrid Ratings – Hybrid Ratings are the same as Continuous Ratings
48. Peak ratings are set by battery current fusing.
49. Most compact system when you consider the room to mount all of these components on the boat.
50. Best use of space – space above the motor is typically available as most boats have diesel options – we mount all of our motor components in this space which is not ordinarily developed.
51. Less maintenance: belts require inspection and maintenance. Gears can go 10 years before recommended oil change. Planetary gears have lifetime lube set at 30,000 hours of use

Battery Management System

52. Hybrid control software controls all charging sources with one logic – prevents algorithm clashes from different charging sources
53. BMS prevents any battery going over maximum battery voltage. this prevents batteries from becoming divergent in voltage and condition
54. BMS prevents any battery from low voltage by shutting off loads on the 48 volt battery pack
55. All Batteries monitored for voltage of each individual 12 volt Battery
56. All Charging Sources enabled when individual battery voltages are within preset ranges
57. All batteries monitored for temperature.
58. All Loads enabled when individual batteries are within preset temperature ranges
59. All Charging Sources enabled when individual batteries are within preset temperature ranges
60. All Loads enabled when battery voltages are within preset voltage ranges
61. Diversion Loads enabled when excess energy is available
62. Diversion Fans only turned on when solar output reaches certain value to prevent fans from being on when the air is high in moisture
63. State Monitor for Ground Faults of all Battery Packs, including 48 volt systems
64. BMS has 16 relays which can be configured for charging sources, loads or diversion loads
65. AC Charging disabled when Ground Fault is present as this could indicate AC on the battery pack
66. State Monitor for AC Present: lowers power consumption by not enabling AC relays when AC is not present
67. State Monitor for Storage: 4 bank charger enabled during storage
68. State Monitor for Get Home Over-ride : All functions enabled to get boat safely home except AC charging in the event of a Ground Fault
69. Get Home Over-ride Notification: Warns of Corrosion or Battery Warranty Issues for Low Battery Condition override
70. Get home mode. Up to 25 amps of Get Home Current to lowest battery
71. Calculate time to go after derating for Battery Age and Voltage Droop
72. Fully Integrated System controlled by Electroprop BMS. All charging sources and loads on the Propulsion Battery have enables controlled by Electroprop BMS.
73. 5 current sensors on BMS. Current Sensors are donut style, waterproof, automotive sensors and do not require breaking the wire which adds 4 connections to a typical 500 amp, 50 MV shunt.
74. Regen enabled based on individual battery voltage and not 48 battery bank voltage (under development – can be updated over internet in future)
75. Remote operation over wifi, bluetooth or internet of relays. Normally refrigeration and cockpit lights.
76. Very low, possibly the lowest overall phantom currents to run BMS and system in general
77. Solar Upcharge from house battery to Propulsion Battery. Solar panels are better wired in parallel on a boat due to shading issues. House usually uses energy from solar. Solar is uncharged from house through house inverter, promariner charger.

Battery Balancing – controlled by Electroprop BMS

78. Passive Balancing: Up to a total of 2 amps can be shunted between the batteries
79. Active Balancing: Up to 25 amps can be provided to any one battery with energy coming from house battery with optional Balancing Charger
80. Active Balancing AC current monitoring when using dedicated inverter: when balancer is using a lot of current, it is a very good indication that the batteries are out of balance and need to be replaced
81. Active Balancer current sensor. typically if a 4 bank charger is used on a battery, this charger is not part of the current sensor as they are wired directly to the battery. By monitoring current in one of the leads of the charger, we can more accurately tell battery capacity when 4 bank charger is left enabled

User Interface and Connectivity

82. Wifi and Bluetooth wireless information at helm with Waterproofed Android Tablet: Redundant connection automatically switches between Wifi and Bluetooth for maximum reliability
83. Display Battery Voltages on chart for easier interpretation
84. Store all information on Battery Voltage over life of the battery
85. Visual and Audible alarm notification including why on BMS tablet
86. User Operated Relays can be turned on with Tablet connected by Bluetooth, Wifi or over internet if boat has internet connection

AC Electrical System

87. Smartplug Power Cord and Inlet
88. GFCI protected Smartplug Power Cord : GFCI protection is courtesy of isolation transformer as transformer based isolation transformers do not have any leakage current at all.
89. Lighting and Surge Protection
90. AC main breaker between shore power and isolation transformer mounted in insulated and waterproof PVC enclosure
91. Isolation transformer – protects against corrosion in salt water and Electric Shock Drowning in Fresh Water
92. Isolation transformer to House Inverter Charger Line protected by RCBO
93. AC distribution mounted in insulated and waterproof box

DC Electrical System:

94. Floating system including 48 volt systems
95. Double Pole Electrical System – All wires and cables fuse or breaker protected. Prevents full battery current reaching small sense wires
96. Double Pole DC distribution mounted in insulated and waterproof PVC enclosure
97. Main 250 amp double pole breaker
98. Northstar Blue Plus Batteries; Pure Lead, Carbon Batteries have less problems with sulfating and can operate in Partial State of Charge
99. Battery Main fuse at 250 amps
100. Centertap Shut off Switch rated at 250 amps, nitrogen filled, rated at over 60 volts maximum for 48 volt system, 120 volts maximum at 96 Volts, rated to switch under load for kill switch operation of the 48 volt system.
101. All fuses rated for maximum voltage ( many switches are rated at 48 volts maximum, not 48 volts nominal which will see 60 volts maximum )
102. House DC to DC converter can be used in the event of failure of house battery, or dedicated to specific loads like electronics or VHF
103. Battery Terminals have no more than three lugs per terminal as per ABYC – we are working on getting that down to 1 or 2 lugs per terminal. All lugs the same size as the main battery cables so stack is not compromised by a small connector on the stack with a high current connector.

Electroprop AC Charger

104. 1.3 and 2.6 KW Charger Power Output Options
105. Multi-voltage Charger Options –    ie:  3 KW at 48, 24 or 12 volts
106. Multi-Bank Charger Options    ie: 1.5 KW at 48 plus 1.5 KW at either 12 or 24 volts
107. Waterproof
108. Air Cooled with Fan Cooling over large external heat sink
109. Insulated Enclosure (PVC and Fiberglass or Anodized Aluminum)

System Benefits

110. DC generator options which use the same motor as a generator, thus providing standardization of major parts
111. All components based on functional specification and not solely on price – higher overall quality of entire system
112. Electroprop provides a complete system with all components suitably integrated for maximum safety, performance and efficiency
113. Good electrical design means looking after things automatically as a captain already has many things to think about without constantly looking at gages. This increases safety and reliability of the system. A computer can monitor and control things much better and react much faster than relying on human input.
114. Relays used primarily for signal control for low current operation – extends the life of the relays (AC Power Safety Relays for chargers excepted)


115. Prefabricated engine room option for all drive systems
116. BMS for house bank option. Can control and report bilge pump functioning online and calculate amount of water removed by bilge pump. Up to 16 relays can be user operated, or manage loads and charing sources for house battery, and can enable up charge when house battery has excess energy.

System Requirements and Warranty

117. Professional installation and commissioning of the vessel if any energy is provided by Electroprop. This prevents loose connections and enable proper tuning of the drive system to avoid over current situations.
118. Two Year Warranty on all Drives Systems. Two year warranty on all Energy Systems with Professional Installation